Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life is boring

Observing an ant swaggering crawl across on the desk
Life is so boring, make us listless and depressed
The enthusiasm is leaving us. Everyday is just the same as today, doesn't make any different.
Short of the impulsive and exciting to get our attention, is just like shorter of rainbow in the life
Weather for everyday was the same, forever sunny, forever cloudy and forever raining.......
little by little the burning enthusiasm is losing......

Monday, December 17, 2012

depression Monday

Monday, the weathers was come to a depression like office workers
Rain was heavy, everyone has a mind that went home on time
we are still let our mind stay in yesterday wonderful
cool air was surrounding the passenger, they felt the cold
passenger was walk faster and faster
the stay back late, they even moodless
every step walk out from office was heavy
non of them is with a happiness face but with a tiring heart and body
when look around the passenger at the walkway
suddenly found this is what lonely shadow means 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Human born to be alone and lonely

Why a person who living good alone is a kind of fault in others view point?

 People surrounding always have a mind that single that person must be had some personal problem. A person in single status can be a lot of reason. Single not means that the person is problem and single can be an excellent and impressive person

Single is a choice. We chosen to be single rather than the single to choose us.

 "Single" for most of the people is alone and lonely but they never notice that there are happiness and freedom that only single can have it. May be you will told that "If you were sick, how good if there is someone to take care and care about yourself." Yes, you are right. But seem like human forgot that we live is for alone and lonely, forgot they were born to alone and lonely. There is no one forever to be stay beside with anyone. That should be the reason why human keep looking for the another  missing of themselves to forgot the alone and lonely. So, as long as we are still alive lonely and alone forever will not leaving us.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life is simple

Real life is doesn't care how colourful or how difficult is it, but what important are we are indeed alive now. Some people think that human born is a suffer for us because we need to overcome born, live, disease and lastly die to end up our life. What my understand this is life, until now no one can escape from all process above. No matter we are face it with a mad mood or happy mood, life still pass day by day. What can we do is we choose the attitude or way to face everyday.

Happy can be very simple.We should happy that we can wake up from sleep the next day early in the morning, see the sun and send greeting to the universal.We should thankful and happy because we can eat full everyday and never in hunger. We should feel happy and glad that we are healthy always. We should happy and thankful that because we know all surrounding us is live happy and healthy. That is sufficient to us in happy.Sometimes we should ignore others opinion or view, do what you think is correct.

Life can be very simple and happy, if we let go all desire and view of others. We can choose not to live in the frame that others designed or set, force ourselves to do what others do the same way. Everyone have ours own way to live to, may be to others that is the best in public view, but it was not the best and the most suitable for ourselves. Why force ourselves to follow the path not belong ours way?
Life is simple. If you can smile sincerely and loudly, childish like a kid that was the best life you had now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Walk across the WOrld

Lived for 25 years, suddenly have an intention come in mind
Wish to carry a bag and a camera to walk across the world every year
To start the collection of a footprint around the world

I want to use my legs steps by steps walk into every corner of the world
I want to use my eyes to view the every form in the world
I want to use my heart to feel the realistic of the culture and life

I'm not letting myself is live in a frame anymore just like the frog live in a well only can see the same pieces of sky
I'm letting my mind to go infinity, I'm letting my vision to see though the life
I'm letting myself to be achieve a formless air